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Fireball Bracelet

Fireball Bracelet


Stretch bracelet made w/ LOVE & the following: matte red jasper, opalite, faceted black agate, dzi agate, hematite  gold plated and 22k gold plated beads.


Red jasper is considered a powerful healing stone. It helps balance yin-yang energy. Known as the stone of endurance or the stone of stability, red jasper encourages strength and endurance during stressful times. It also increases passion & stamina.


Opalite is said to stabilise mood swings and helps to overcome tiredness. It helps you face your fears and accepting change. Opalite is a merchant stone, helping to manifest and accumulate monetary wealth. It is a business stone and encourages success in all endeavours.


Black Agate is used to promote courage and self-confidence. Black Agate connects the spirit and physical planes together and grounds you in reality.


Dzi Agate is said to possess protective, enhancing, curative and healing powers. They often bring fantastic good fortune, prosperity, wealth and good health to the owner as well. Wearing Dzi Agate is believed to dissipate negativity.


Hematite focuses energy and emotions for balance between the body, mind and spirit. Dissolves negativity and prevents you from absorbing the negativity of others. It also has a cooling and calming effect, as well as helps develop concentration and focus. Overall, hematite brings a quality of energy that is powerful, strong, and grounding.


*Actual color may vary slightly from photo.

*Price is per bracelet.

*Additional pics/videos for styling reference.

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  • Care Instructions

    See FAQ - How Do I Care For My FreeBird1985 Jewelry?

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